Gallery statement

Curren exhibition

Proof is an exhibition space dedicated to fostering the creation and completion of singular projects that focus on experimentation and innovation. At its core, Proof strives to provide a forum that furthers the active contemporary arts discourse in Boston. In collaboration with artists, curators, scholars and viewers, we will draw on a range of experiences and approaches to develop new strategies for productive critical, social and aesthetic engagement.

The Proof Gallery space is kindly donated by The Distillery building.

Proof Gallery logo was designed by John Parot.

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Kara Braciale, Director
Kara is a Brookline based visual artist. Images of her recent work can be viewed at

Julia is a Boston based artist. Her work can be seen at

Audrina Warren, Assistant Director
Audrina is a visual artist, based in East Boston, and a member of Atlantic Works Gallery cooperative. Her website is:

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