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Dustin BelL
Aiwen Cheng
David Cohn
Hannah M. Groudas
Yangli (Amy) Liu
Blair St. Onge

April 20 - April 28th, 2018
Opening Reception Friday April 20th, 6p-9pm

Unreal places can be unreal in very different ways, for example the world of the dead, the world of dreams, parallel universes. Similarly the worlds we create through artworks vary in aesthetics, form, and meaning. Thresholds is an exhibition of six interdisciplinary artists who each provide a unique entryway into their particular world. Some open this door by crossing into new forms, others through installation strategies, and others provide auxiliary objects through and by which to view their work. All of the works in Thresholds cross the juncture between two spaces or experiences.

Dustin Bell’s resin sculptures are evocative reversals and re-imaginings of culture, often investigating themes of apocalyptic anxiety and nature. Aiwen Cheng creates augmented realities and drawings that critically parallel the ways we interact through digital technology. David Cohn produces videos that situate the viewer at once proximal and distant from an imagined private interior. Amy Liu’s virtual realities displace viewers into alternate identities and her digital photographs situate viewers curiously close to everyday objects. Hannah M. Groudas’s plushy, bubbling sculptures suggest subconscious meanings and ambiguous interplays between kitsch and organic forms. Blair St. Onge plays with recognizable references by dismantling and reconfiguring them into new worlds using mixed media.

This exhibition is organized by the Interdisciplinary Arts MFA students @Northeastern University.


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